2020 Congress of the Swiss Society for Educational Research

Monday 22 to Wednesday 24 June 2020

University of Teacher Education BEJUNE, Biel

Knowledge at the intersection of research, practices and learning

The 2020 Annual Conference of the Swiss Society for Education Research (SSRE) invites researchers to investigate knowledge situated at the intersection of research, practice and learning in the field of education. It would appear that this type of knowledge falls into a variety of categories, such as knowledge, competencies, abilities, skills, and attitudes in research, practice and education. Linking these various types of knowledge then becomes a central issue in an ever-changing educational context and an accelerating world. Indeed, individuals, groups of individuals and institutions can demonstrate a certain form of resistance and decide a hierarchy between these different types of knowledge. If we consider the shifting, evolving and non-exhaustive nature of knowledge, there is space left for reflection, especially with regard to societal changes.